Mary Margaret Allen

“Our boys love going to school and we know that they are safe, respected and cared about. Everything is in place to have an optimal learning environment. FPCWDS has truly been a blessing to our family!

Elizabeth Fagg

“We were attracted to First Pres WDS largely due to its urban setting. The vibrancy of our city is reflected in the energy of the teachers and excitement of the children at our school. As they experience the day-to-day activity of uptown Charlotte, a strong sense of good citizenship and community naturally become a part of each child. We really value that opportunity for our children.”

Bert and Susan Rodriguez

“Aside from the fact that our toddler can’t wait to get into her classroom to see her teachers and friends at the Weekday School, my wife and I are thankful for an important fringe benefit—the school’s location! As parents who both work in uptown, the Weekday School allows us to spend extra time with our little lady in the car on school mornings and see her for a few precious moments before her grandparents pick her up in the afternoon. It doesn’t hurt either to know that at any given time we are only a minute’s walk from the school’s doorstep.”

Catherine Edwards

“For eight years, the school—its teachers, music, friendships, and values—have truly shaped the development of our family.”

Hope Griggs

“The Weekday School has provided a strong foundation for each of my children. All three have passed through the halls of the School, leaving with a head start academically and filled with confidence and courage nurtured through the love and support of so many at the School. I could not imagine a better way to spend preschool years and am forever thankful for the imprint left on my children.”

Carter and Raj Natarajan

Having sent four children to the Weekday School, with our youngest in threes now, we can honestly say we would not have changed a thing!  The teachers and staff at the Weekday School love and nurture our children as much as we do – and their hopes and dreams for them, just as high.  The teachers have consistently communicated how our children are progressing, which ensures that parents and teachers are working collaboratively to create well-balanced, loving and caring little scholars.  And having such a wonderful school right uptown allows us to pop over to spend time with them throughout the school year.

Ellen and Scott Wilson

Our daughter, Miller, is in her last year at the Weekday School. Over the last four years, we’ve cultivated relationships with teachers, staff, and other families, we’ve witnessed Miller learn and grow in countless ways, and most importantly, we’ve watched as she developed a true love of learning. In each of her classes, Miller’s teachers create a nurturing environment, allowing her the safety and freedom to develop ideas, express her feelings, take chances, and become an independent thinker. Miller is not only academically prepared for Kindergarten, but the WDS has ignited her passion and love of learning. As our son, Rowe, begins his preschool years, we feel confident knowing that we are partners with the WDS, working together to encourage and support his growth and development.